Teaching others about HOCD medications, how to take them, and how they will help with your life.


HOcd Medicines

Me and my friend have had Obsessive compulsive disorder for a long time, nearly five years. We are very interested in helping others make the proper choice of medication to help them with HOCD. There are many choices out there, and if you have never taken any sort of medications before this can be a very hard choice to make. We all know this, the are many kinds out there.One of the main medicines you can take are valium. Which is a great choice in my opinion. This will help with your recovery by a lot. talk to your doctor, he should be able to help you in your specific situation. If you feel as if you are unsure if you have HOCD or not, checkout this HOCD test

Homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder- the short term is (hocd)

What it is, is when you have obsessive thoughts, which hinder your ability to function. They start when you question if you are gay once, and that is literally all it takes. Once this happens your thought patters shoot spiralling out of control forcing you to be in a state of anxiety. Often this thought process will take over your entire life. BUT I assure you. All you need to do, is visit your doctor and let them know that you have OCD.They will prescribe you some great medications that will help with your issues. Even better they might recommend you visit a psychologist. This is only if you get lucky. Usually they will dismiss you as being a younger person, and that your symptoms are completely normal.. If the hocd disease progresses enough, there is a slight chance you could have a tumour pop up. Tumours are rare, but it does happen. Unfortunately

Do not listen to them! You have to do is push for your rights. Your doctor will give you anything to cure your ocd’s/anxietys. IF you push, make a valid point that it is your health on the line. Not theres. Tell them this could be the difference between life and death.

Often when someone has hocd, it can also be considered Pure-ocd, not regular ocd. Thought patterns vary between each individual. Anxiety is often reported at record high levels as well.